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We offer a range of Raisins, Pistachio Kernels, Pistachio Pastes, and Creams as our B2B products. Rahmani Professional and Rahmani Chef Professional is our brand for industries and Horeca.

The finest quality of raisins & pistachios.

The excellence of Persian nuts and dried fruit that has conquered the world: Iranian raisins and kernel pistachios.



Iran is one the largest exporter of raisin in the world with more than 200,000 tons of raisins. There are different varieties of Iranian Raisins: Sundried (Thompson), Sultana (T9), Malayer (T10) and Golden raisin. The features that make Iranian raisins so unique are quality, taste, minerals and the processing method.

Raisin varieties

Sundried (Thompson)
Sultana Raisin varieties
Malayer Raisin varieties
Raisin varieties


With a combination of various technologies, our raisin processing line guarantees the best quality of output. Benefiting from high-tech sorting systems such as Laser sorting, X-ray Sorting, and Metal detection enables the processing to be precise and meticulous all the way. the way to excellence with the finest quality of raisins ready to be packed.

Key Benefits

With acres of agricultural land dedicated to nurturing grapes based in Maragheh and with over a century of achievements in the field of farming, we are privileged to supply Persian raisins and bring them into packages. Therefore we monitor the quality and the rate of production on a daily basis and control the process of harvesting raw material to final packaging and logistics. We are proud to provide a complete service during the whole procedure for our customers all around the world.

Annual production capacity


Tons of Raisins

Kernel Pistachio

Thanks to the perfect climate of Iran, the Persian Pistachio Kernel has the greatest level of quality in the world. This product is widely known and has found its market in most countries. The naming of these products is often based on the types of Iranian pistachios, such as Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Kaleh Ghuchi, and Fandoghi.

Kernel pistachios varieties

Long Kernel pistachios varieties
Round Kernel pistachios varieties
Broken Kernel pistachios varieties
Grounded Kernel pistachios varieties


The pistachio processing contains a 6-phase routine. After the initial analysis for pesticide, heavy metal, and microbial contamination, the pistachios run for fluorescence to detect Aflatoxin. The cracking and sieving are done before the Sorting stage and in the end, the final goods proceed to the packaging stage. the pistachio kernel minimal process allows the final material to be 100% hygienic and of the best quality possible. 

Key Benefits

thanks to large and local farms of Persian pistachio, Rahmani has access and control over the whole process from raw material to final packaging and logistics. This will result in the best quality, prices, and services there exist. 

Annual production capacity


Tons of Kernel Pistachios

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