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For over 145 years the Rahmani family has been an active member of the agricultural community. They have successfully produced and delivered nuts & dried fruits to over 90 countries worldwide. Today, they are the proud owner of one of the most advanced sorting and packaging facilities in the world as well as acres of fertile lands.


We want sharing goodness.

To help bring together the people of the world with precious, delicious and healthy food, rooted in the culture of ancient Persia and perfected with modern food science.

A deep-rooted bond that will last forever.

On one side the generosity of nature, the generosity of people on the other. Behind the name of Rahmani, hundreds of women and men have made a pact with this land, based on respect and knowledge, the same pact Rahmani Group made with every single farmer: to achieve the highest quality standards. The Garden of Persia products taste unique because of ingredients such as Care, Passion, Dedication and Love.

From Persia to worldwide.

With its five sites, Rahmani Group operates in the middle east and Europe and other selected international hubs. Rahmani Group guarantees worldwide Shipping with the most convenient payment methods all across the world.

Our Location on the world map

Strong quality control.

We don’t compromise our quality and safety standards. We select our suppliers carefully. We lab-test all raw materials, ingredients, packaging materials and end products. We monitor and continuously improve quality standards and product safety.
Our quality control and quality assurance department by using the latest technology and machineries try to ensure that the final product meets the worlds quality standards.

Constant R&D

We don’t just pursue excellence, we guarantee it.
Our company has fully equipped laboratories for quality control. One of the most advanced in the middle east. Our technology together with our efforts resulted in superior quality products that obtained several international recognitions and certifications. Our research and development is not done only by our internal team.
We have also partnered up with one of the best R&D teams to accompany us in different projects.

An extraordinary know how, for extraordinary quality.


We try to know the needs of customers and meet the contractual and other agreed-upon performance, design, reliability, and maintainability expectations of our customers.

Rahmani Group. A dynasty of Persian excellence.

Our family company was founded over 145 years ago and since then we have raised the standards in our sector by combining agricultural experience, modern technology and educational summits for our customers. 

Mohssen Rahmani Chairman & Founder Rahmani Group



Mojtaba Rahmani Member of the Board of Directors Head of the Financial and Legal Group Rahmani Group


Member of the Board of Directors 
Head of the Financial and Legal Group

Mohammad Hossein Rahmani Member of the Board of Directors Head of Sales and Development Group Rahmani Group

Hossein Rahmani

Member of the Board of Directors 
Head of Sales and Development Group

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