Natural and healthy daily snacks.

Mani’s Snacks includes a wide range of nuts which with the help of world-class technology and specific attention to user’s health, has created the best-flavored combinations delivered inside beautiful various packaging. Mani’s bars, made from various nuts, seeds, chocolate, and honey, are to satisfy a wide range of tastes while gifting a supply of a vast amount of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, they are considered to be complete, healthy, and natural snacks with 6 different flavors.


Nuts & Snack

Nut & Cereal Bars

Dehydrated Fruit Mix


we are able to offer a whole range of nuts, dried fruit, and bars. we use the best raw-material from Persian land. our international R&D department has developed recipes in-line with global taste and with a world-class level of quality.

Annual snack production capacity


Million pieces per year

Annual bars production capacity


Million pieces per year

Annual rehydrated fruits production capacity


Million pieces per year

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