Private Label

We produce private label items for nuts, dried fruits & bars (nuts, fruits & cereals) fruit base products, herbal and black tea, and honey categories. Of course, anything out of it is negotiable.

Private label.

Empower your product range and sales with your very own label. You are in control, but we can offer you our full service private labelling concept including sourcing, quality control, design and logistics.

rahmani-private-label image


• High production capacity
• High flexibility
• Highest hygienic standards
• Access to high quality raw material & expertise
• Easier access to agricultural material from Iran

Rahmani Group Products

We farm with joy since 1877. Our fathers shared the passion and passed on the skills. Today we share the goodness we have mastered over so many years.

Raisins & Pistachios & Pistachio Paste and cream

In 1946 we took a step further towards sharing the joy of Persian nuts and dried fruit. 

Healthy Snacks, Juices & Purees, Herbal Tea, Honey

we always tried to promote gathering traditions rooted in the culture of ancient Persia.

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