A whole day with Rostani.

Rostani's herbal teas can be a suitable substitute for other daily drinks so that people can live healthy life. Among the natural prescriptions for treating physical and mental problems, the use of Persian herbal teas in the "Canon of Medicine" has a special place. Rostani offers herbal teas in 8 different categories each fitting to a specific time of the day. 


Herbal tea


Rostani is a combination of hand-picked plants in innovative packaging that helps the balance of body and soul. Medicinal plants from the best regions of Persia are combined without any additives or impurities and are packed with Rostani packages in a completely modern way using the latest technologies. Rostani's Teabags are plant-based and free from sealing glues and metal as they are replaced by ultrasonic ways. They are also benefiting from the easy-squeeze feature. 

Annual production capacity


Million tea bags per year

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