Anuga Food Exhibition 2019

ANUGA Food exhibition was held in Cologne, Germany from October 5 to 9, 2019 (October 13-17, 1398) with the participation of more than 170,000 business visitors from 201 countries and nearly 7,500 exhibitors from 106 countries. The largest and most important food fair in the world for retail, food services and catering markets, which is held every two years in Cologne, Germany in an area of ​​280,000 square meters. In the 100th year of its existence, ANUGA established its position as the most important commercial platform of the food industry by breaking the record of previous years in terms of number of visitors and exhibitors. During these 5 days, strategic decisions, solutions and new ideas for the great challenges of the global food industry were effectively discussed among the FMCG industries.


Rahmani Group also had a fruitful and impressive presence this year and excellent achievements in the ANUGA exhibition. Meeting old and new customers and exploring new opportunities for collaboration in various fields were the achievements of this year’s exhibition. Rahmani Group’s booth was designed in such a way that it communicates with the audience in a simple but effective way and while showing the high power of Rahmani Group’s professions, it expresses the deep concept of freshness and freshness of Iranian products. The entrance of the booth and the display of samples of dried fruit products in the decorated showcase attracted the attention of all visitors. One of the innovations of the booth was the presence of a QR code to receive the product catalog, which in addition to quick and easy access, also showed the environmental concern of the collection in consuming less paper.


One of the most important topics in this year’s exhibition was the emphasis on online sales and new in-person sales strategies. According to statistics, between 2 and 6% of sales in the field of FMCG worldwide are online, and this type of sales has grown faster in Asia-Pacific countries. In India, for example, where the food market is worth about $ 600 billion, 3.5 percent of sales are made online. Developed countries, such as the United Kingdom, have 7.2 percent of online sales in the FMCG. Forecasts show that FMCG online sales will double worldwide by 2025 (Figure 1). According to these statistics, and considering the tendency and desire of people to buy online in our country, we can see the movement towards online sales of Rahmani Group products in the horizon of future sales plans.

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