Sales & Logistic

The sales and distribution company is part of a plan in which Rahmani Group is designed to invest in Persian agriculture, food & beverages to engage the customers with a different quality that consumers deserve.

From Persia to worldwide, in 145 years of innovation.

Rahmani Group is exporting to over 90 countries across the world and selling more than 11.300 tons of products every year.

Image whit a Rahmani worker in the production facelety
Image whit Rahmani worker carring goods from production


Rahmani group's sales & distribution company was established with a mission to distribute healthy products in Iran. In order to supply these sorts of products, there was a strong need for a powerful distribution network. In the first phase, it was decided to generate this network inside the local country and it resulted in our distribution company accomplishing this mission. Within three years, our sales and distribution company developed its customer coverage and sales by utilizing the trained teams in different available sales channels. In the next phase, we started covering the middle east region with its own exclusive products supplied locally from the high quality and healthy modern packages originally from Iran. 

Rahmani Group Products

We farm with joy since 1877. Our fathers shared the passion and passed on the skills. Today we share the goodness we have mastered over so many years.

Raisins & Pistachios

n 1946 we took a step further towards sharing the joy of Persian nuts and dried fruit.

Healthy Snacks, Juices & Purees, Herbal Tea, Honey

we always tried to promote gathering traditions rooted in the culture of ancient Persia.

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